Lateral epicondylalgia: a musculoskeletal physiotherapy perspective

lateral epicondylalgia


Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylalgia (LE) is a challenging musculoskeletal condition to treat.

This is largely due to the lack of research-based evidence of the clinical efficacy of the myriad of treatment

approaches espoused in the literature. In view of this, successful rehabilitation of LE is based on choosing

treatments that address the physical impairments found during clinical examination. The primary physical

impairment in LE is a deficit in grip strength predominately due to pain and its consequences on motor function.

Hence the mainstay of successful management of this condition is therapeutic exercise, providing it is not pain

provocative. Adjunctive procedures such as manipulative therapy and sports taping techniques have recently been

shown to provide substantial initial pain relief. Early relief of pain in the rehabilitation program helps accelerate

recovery and most importantly motivates the client to persist with the therapeutic exercise program. The

manipulative therapy and taping treatments presented in this masterclass warrant consideration in the clinical best

practice management of LE, and serve as a model for other similar musculoskeletal conditions.

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